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StudyMEDIC Referral Program

One doctor best understands another doctor and his needs. One student who goes through the path is the best one to understand the need of others. Helping others start from this thought and StudyMEDIC is here with yet another unique.
StudyMEDIC Referral Program will help students earn while they are doing a help to others. Recommend our referral program with your friends, relatives, college mates or whoever you feel might be in need of a course or top-quality study materials which would help them find success. Our referral program will help you earn an ATTRACTIVE REWARD POINTS which you can convert into courses, products or Amazon Gift Vouchers. Sign up today and start earning right away.

Co-Founder’s Message

Being a doctor, I always followed the words of my seniors who were great friends of mine. All of my friends greatly influenced my life; honestly speaking I followed them and opted for my studies even listening to their words. Unlike any other community, the medical fraternity is so deep especially because the graduation is lengthier than any other graduate program.
                                  I am happy to introduce the StudyMEDIC Referral Program, conceived out of my experience in my study time and even today. Right from the beginning of MBBS to all throughout my career and various international medical membership courses, I always sought recommendations, suggestions, and feedback from my friends and colleagues. I believe each of you can inspire others to achieve higher in their life and we are presenting before you a reason to become an inspiration for all!

With Love
Dr. Sowmya NS

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How to Sign Up and Participate in StudyMEDIC Referral Program?

StudyMEDIC Referral Program is open to all and anyone can become part of it. However, doctors who are looking for higher education and Royal College Membership Exams, being our target audience, we would highly recommend this program for doctors, medical professionals, medicine students and anyone who has got some doctors as their connections or relatives’ list. The reward points shall be based on the amount of payment the new referral visitor makes. The program will help you achieve and earn 49GBP to 259GBP in the form of discounts for products or courses, or as Amazon Gift Voucher. What more? Sign up today and ensure success is yours.