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Sunrise Academy

StudyMEDIC -the one and only authorized global partner of EBCOG for EFOG-EBCOG courses, is proud to associate with Sunrise Academy -the education wing of Sunrise Group of Hospitals and unit of Sunrise Institute of Medical Sciences Pvt Ltd. With the association, we aim to provide better clinical experience and education excellence to the students from all around the nook and corners of the world. As an organization led by values and moved with a vision of creating better clinicians across the globe, we are looking forward to giving better clinical practice to our students with the support of Sunrise Hospitals and Sunrise Academy. Together, let’s build a better learning environment for all medical professionals and aspirants

StudyMEDIC (SMC) P Ltd -Pakistan

Delivering Medical Education Beyond Boundaries StudyMEDIC (SMC) Private Limited -Pakistan is the official franchise partner of StudyMEDIC Global -the World’s No.1 Organization for Premier Medical Education. The organization is formed with an objective of helping medical fraternity in Pakistan to enhance their knowledge and clinical skills, enabling them to serve the world in a better way.

ISUOG Approved Courses for Ultrasound in OBG

StudyMEDIC offers various courses for ultrasound in Obstetrics and gynaecology. Our courses are approved by the International Society of Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynaecology (ISUOG), a global organization which works to improve women’s health by providing the highest quality medical education, standards and research information around ultrasound in obstetrics and gynaecology.

ICICI Bank : The Banking Partner of StudyMEDIC

StudyMEDIC takes pride in announcing ICICI Bank – a leading private bank of the country as our official banking partner. The partnership is meant to help and support all medical aspirants to pursue their desired medical memberships and fellowships.With the banking partnership with ICICI Bank, StudyMEDIC aims to help each medical aspirant, especially those struggling with financial crunches, to pursue their desired international medical membership or fellowship program.

Moulana Hospital

Commencing its services in 1990; Moulana Hospital is a leading Super Specialty Referral Hospital in Malappuram, Kerala. Equipped with the most advanced diagnostic and medical care facilities, the hospital has grown manifold from its humble inception to, and gained the confidence of the people far and wide, especially the needy in the Malabar Region.


A leading global education consultant, Eduzone is primarily focused on helping students to find seats in the best and reputed higher education institutes across the globe for various courses ranging from MBBS, BDS, MBA, MA and many others.

Medicover Hospitals

Medicover Hospitals, a renowned global healthcare provider, has firmly established its presence in India, delivering top-notch medical services with a commitment to excellence. With a focus on patient-centric care, advanced medical technology, and a team of skilled professionals, Medicover Hospitals has emerged as a trusted name in the Indian healthcare landscape.

Daya General Hospital Ltd

The quintessence of care at Daya General Hospital, Thrissur is patient satisfaction, and the hospital ensures it with a blend of compassion and innovation.

SKS Hospital & Postgraduate Medical Institute, Salem

Founded in 1987, SKS Hospital & Postgraduate Medical Institute is a well-established multi-specialty hospital located in Salem, Tamil Nadu. The hospital is fully accredited by the National Accreditation Board for Hospitals and Healthcare Providers (NABH) and has achieved remarkable milestones throughout its journey.